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Zara Doesn’t Care About Your Womanly Curves or Insecurities

Zara Doesn’t Care About Your Womanly Curves or Insecurities



Fashion-forward girls love Zara for its trendy styles, affordable prices, and all-around Euro-chic look, but there’s just one problem that’s hard to overlook—the sizing.

According to an article on Coco Perez, the fast-fashion Spain-based retailer is struggling to find an audience in the States, thanks in part to its contemporary (aka ultra-slim) cuts.  While women in metropolitan areas are quick to squeeze their way into the brand’s itty-bitty fits, a source notes most Americans are hesitant to jump on the Zara bandwagon and prefer “classic, roomier clothes.”

Part of the issue lies in vanity sizing, the practice where American retailers label a true size 8 as a size 6 to make us feel better about buying. Zara, instead, adheres to standard European sizing methods.

This is the main reason why I always try on everything before I buy it.  Due to a large amount of stores changing their return policies, it’s very possible that you can get stuck with something that doesn’t meet your expectations.  It’s evident that Zara nor any other brand is going to change the way they work to make you feel better so think of it this way,

No one sees your size tag when you put the clothes on.

Do you ever have a problem finding the right size at Zara?  Is this something that needs to be addressed by the fashion world or is it something we need to work out internally?



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