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3 Ways To Combat Dry Skin Past Moisturizer

3 Ways To Combat Dry Skin Past Moisturizer

Has winter dried everything out of your complexion? If your heavy duty moisturizers aren’t cutting it for your skin, here are three quick tips to help your skin survive this season.

1. Pop some fish oil

Not only do omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of heart disease, but they also help your complexion stay supple. Aim for 1,200 mg a day; research suggests you’ll see a difference in the hydration of your skin in six to eight weeks.

2. Whip up a mask

Combine 1/2 ripe avocado, 1 tbsp plain yogurt, 1/2 tsp honey, and 1/2 tsp tsp olive oil, and leave on dampened skin for 15 minutes. Rinse with water. The lactose in the yogurt removes dead skin cells while the honey helps draw in moisture.

3. Apply a barrier

Something as simple as Aquaphor, applied over your regular moisturizer, can help preserve the skin’s moisture barrier.


What are some tips that you use to help protect your skin during the harsh winter season?


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