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4 Cute Hairstyles to Hide Split-Ends

4 Cute Hairstyles to Hide Split-Ends


Split ends are such a nuisance! Not to worry though these 5 hairstyles will not only hide your split-ends, but they are also protective styles to help prevent any further damage to your cherished hair. Hair T: Trim ends every six weeks! The only true way to combat split-ends is by cutting them off. These hairstyles are solutions for in-between trims.

1. Bun/ Chignon

Early classes? A bun or chignon is a simple style that is perfect for everyday wear. Paired with the right accessories this hairstyle can even be elegant enough for the nightlife!

 2. Braids

Braids are another alternative to growing hair and concealing split-ends. Having your hair braided over the winter or summer will protect your hair from excessive heat.

3. Flat Twists/Two-Strand Twists

A natural hair favorite, both flat twist and two-strand twists are a great way to protect hair from heat and also to hide those pesky split-ends. Wearing twists is also a great way to help moisturize your hair.

4. Weaves 

Weaves like braids are an awesome long-term protective style. Because your hair is braided securely underneath you split-ends are out of sight and your hair is being protected.

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