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5 Reasons I Love My Weave

5 Reasons I Love My Weave

True, it is that natural hair is in, but most of us with the so-called “natural” hair know what it is when it comes to summer heat, sweat and rain; a hair catastrophe. I have been natural all my life, so this natural hair kick was nothing to me. I’ve been dealing with the frizz and the curly flops for my entire life and the one thing that has saved me from completely shaving it all off (again) is weave. My first weave was my senior year in high school and boy, did I fall in love. Let me tell you the 5 reasons I absolutely love my weave and why you won’t be a “sell out” if you love yours too.

1. It saves your hair. As I mentioned before natural hair isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s a heck of a lot of maintenance and money. I like to switch up my look from curly to straight very often and during the summer my hair just will not cooperate. If I want to wear my hair straight that means re-straightening it every single day and that is totally unhealthy for your hair. With my lovely weave, however I can create any look I want without worrying about damaging my own hair.

2. No bad hair days. When it comes to my own hair, it is extremely difficult to create new hair styles everyday. I’d much rather wake up , throw on a turban or baseball cap and call it a day. After styling my weave once for the week, whether curly or straight I can just wake up, shake it out, and keep it moving, instead of spending hours debating  on what to do.

3. It helps my hair grow. After a horrible haircut after a modeling gig, I was forced to shave off the rest of my hair and rock a Keri cut. Once my hair got to that awkward point, (where it pretty much looks like a mullet) I decided it was time for a weave. This particular time I went with a Bohyme, Egyptian Wave that matched my hair perfectly. I kept the hair in for a total of two months and my hair had gone from grazing my neck to past my shoulders.

4. It gives you edge. Weaves can be used for all types of looks. Weaves can be pixie short, angled bobs or the famous 22 inches. Whatever you decide you can creates a whole new look and keep them guessing. With my latest weave I was inspired by singer, Ciara, who sported a super long all-black weave that was just to die for. I dyed my hair jet black and installed the 18 inches to create this look for the summer. I can be a curly wonder one day then sleek and sexy the next.

5. It saves you money. Now, I’m not one that has a hair appointment every week, but for those of you that do spend bundles at the beauty parlor. A weave is much more convenient and cheap, especially with all the $50 weave shops opening up. Once you spend that one lump-sum of cash on the perfect weave you can keep it for 2 to 3 months if you know how to manage it. Even after taking it out, if your hair is in good condition you can reuse it! You can’t tell me that’s not a good investment.


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