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5 Ways to Prevent Hair Breakage

5 Ways to Prevent Hair Breakage

Breakage is the number one hair problem. Your hair can break off for any number of reasons from poor diet, stress or even your favorite hairstyles. Here are the top fives the ways to prevent hair breakage.

1. Trim Your Ends

Trimming doesn’t mean chopping off your hair. A trim should only remove dead ends. By trimming every six weeks you reduce the chances of your split ends travelling up the hair shaft making a cut necessary. Keep your length and stop breakage by maintaining a healthy trim.

2. Wet Hair = No! No!

Wet hair is much more frail than dry hair and black hair is already fragile, so this a deadly combination. A better solution is to comb your hair while wet and it’s even better if it’s saturated in conditioner. Prepping hair for the flat iron? Go through your hair with the blow dryer without a comb or brush until hair is at least 50% dry or sit under a hair dryer, then proceed with a paddle brush to smooth hair.

3. Protein It

Protein strengthening treatments are perfect for rebuilding and protecting hair from further breakage. Weekly treatments and especially deep conditioners will keep your hair healthy and strong. Try a mild protein treatment if you have moderate breakage, stronger treatments may be needed for chemical damages.

4. Leave It to the Pros

Double processing, such as relaxers and permanent colors can be very damaging to your hair. Although with a tight budget box dyes and relaxers sound like the perfect solution, they are not. Save up for important hair services such as chemical treatments. Relaxers require touch-ups a minimum of every eight weeks, so you actually have time to save up in between.

5. Cool Down

Constantly applying heat to your hair inevitably causes breakage. As much as we make think flat irons, clipless irons, blow dryer and the like are our friends…..they are not. Try to use heat on your hair once a week and at a reasonable temperature. Using a too high temperature just once can break your hair off.


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