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5 ways to treat alopecia

5 ways to treat alopecia

Many men and women suffer the shock of Alopecia, hair loss, all alone and in silence. They alter their hairstyles to hide bald patches without finding cures for their condition.

Here we’ve simplified the process by providing five hair options to promote hair regrowth.

One month’s supply: Empress Re-Grow 2% Minoxidil ($19.99, Target) and Men’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil ($26.99, Target)

Try medication: Minoxidil is an FDA approved topical medication that can be used in 2% strength for females and 5% strength for males. It is available as an over-the-counter medication in liquid as well as foam form.

Get a hair transplant: This is your best bet to sporting a full head of hair, quickly! Hair transplants can be expensive and painful, but the results are permanent and just as good as having the real thing. With this method, doctors use your own hair from other parts of the head and transplant them onto the bald patches.

HAIRMAX® LaserComb ($495, Nordstrom)

Laser therapy: If going to a laser specialist is too time-consuming or expensive for you, try a laser comb. The brush device emits red light laser to stimulate hair follicles and induce the growth of hair. Probably not as effective as Minoxidil, laser comb fans report hair growth as early as four months with continuous usage.

The cortisone miracle: Cortisone pills are used to treat more extreme cases of head and body hair loss. Mild or patchy alopecia can be treated using cortisone injections directly onto the site of baldness. New hair springs up in as little as four weeks after treatment.

Stimulate a rash to grow hair: This is common practice in some parts of Europe, Asia and Canada. During immunotherapy, doctors apply topical chemicals to skin where hair needs to be grown. These chemicals cause the skin to break out in a nasty rash which acts as a stimulant for the hair follicles. Hair re-grows within six months of treatment.

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