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6 Spring 2013 Hair Trends from the Runway

6 Spring 2013 Hair Trends from the Runway



Runway hair usually gets a make under for us ladies who can’t wear big, bird-filled buffonts and messy braids to work, but this year, there isn’t too much fixing to do!  Whether you’re a beautiful naturalista who’s looking for an up-to-season style, or a weave wearer looking for some simple ideas, we comprised a list of some of our favorite Spring hair trends that we’ve spotted on this season’s runways.


This year, it’s all about the volume and the accessories.  Hats and bows are no longer a tool for a bad hair day, but are now the main accessory for a fashionable hair moment.  The slick and shiny look is making it’s trend debut in this generation’s hot list, whereas braids and waves seem to become hair fashion staples with the help of our favorite celebrity naturalistas.


The low ponytail is also coming back to the scene, however a few of our favorite designers are experimenting with different clips and accents to avoid simple from being boring.  Luckily for us, scarves and turbans are also on the Spring and Summer hair list again, so lazy days are still a doozie.



Need another up-do?  Knots weren’t only popular on the runway, but have also been popular on the red carpets with celebrities.  Lately, we’ve seen a lot of celebrities in top knots, but this season, we’re rocking it much lower and tighter, going for a more sophisticated look.


Take a look at some more looks from our favorite Spring Hair trends below.  Let us know which styles you will be rocking this season, or if there are any that we missed!




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