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Are You Feeling Pressured To Go Natural?

Are You Feeling Pressured To Go Natural?

More women are going natural everyday! Is it pressing you to leave the hair crack alone?  There are so many haircare products being talked about on a daily that cater to natural haired women.  While we all may know that perms aren’t the best for your hair some people feel that they need them so that they can manage their hair on a daily basis or to refrain from getting that ‘sweated out afro’ look whenever they want to step out and party.  I can attest that since choosing to attend an HBCU that it definitely  has had an influence on girls at school.

I have witnessed so many girls at school let go of the perm and embrace their ‘natural’ beauty.  Now don’t kill me for my next statement (lol) but I don’t think that it is in everyone’s best interest to attempt the natural hair look if they aren’t going to take the proper care of their hair.  I say this because it does the hair no good to be dry and brittle.  Natural hair needs to be moisturized and conditioned.  Also some people are under the assumption that they will have a certain curl pattern somewhat like a mixed chick.

PSA:  This is not true ladies.  Just because you go natural doesn’t mean that you will have perfect ringlets.  Every body’s hair is different.  Don’t shoot the messenger!  Haha but let me know what you guys are thinking out here.  Are you feeling pressed to go natural?

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