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Beauty on a Budget: 20 Must-Have Beauty Products Under $10

Beauty on a Budget: 20 Must-Have Beauty Products Under $10


These days it’s not only trendy to snag a a deal on your must-have beauty products, its a necessity.  With everything else increasing in price, it’s nice to know that you can find your daily necessities for under $10 dollars.  Check out our favorite must-have beauty products that won’t break your wallet.



Not just for chapped lips—though it is fab to soothe a chapped mouth—Smith’s Rosebud Salve is also great for dry/irritated spots on your face and body. We like to take it on planes and on trips for cuticles, undereye areas, and chapped heels. It’ll run you about $6 at



The biggest new product category to come out of the beauty industry in the last year has been BB creams—and now Maybelline’s taken the beauty balm love to foundation. We’re calling it now—Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector makeup is going to be a new classic. And, at about $9 a tube at, it’s a great deal to boot.


Maybelline’s classic pink-and-green tubed mascara is a staple in so many makeup artist kits—and for good reason! The standby lash thickener and lengthener is great for everyday wear and doesn’t clump easily. Best part? It’ll only cost you about $6 at


When you get that five o’clock shine in your T-zone and don’t feel like layering more makeup on, try Clean & Clear’s oil-blotting sheets—some of the most-effective oil-blotters we’ve ever used, and, at $5 from, a great deal.



Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser is a go-to classic that won’t irritate sensitive faces and won’t strip skin of its natural, essential oils. An 8 oz. bottle is $8 at


DIY manicures are a great way to save money on salon treatments, but what about the DIY dry time? Check out Essie’s amazing Instant Dry Oil—which does exactly what it claims it does, a.k.a. dry your nails, instantly. One bottle will last a bazillion at-home manis—and, at $8 a bottle at, that’s a total steal in our book.


Beauty products come and go, but Covergirl’s Cheekers blush has been around forever. It’s no wonder—at $5 a pop, it’s super-affordable, and comes in a whole range of ultra-wearable colors. Our favorite? Golden Pink, which is a great contouring shade on a range of complexions.



Between the Kardashians, the Real Housewives, and, well, every other reality television show out there, we’re seeing giant fake eyelashes just about everywhere. Even though we love ourselves some super-luxe mink lashes (as favored by Madonna), sometimes we just want to throw on a cheap pair and party all night without worrying too much about ’em. Enter Ardell’s falsies—which are as easy to apply as the more expensive brands, but won’t put a dent in our cocktail budget. They’re only about $3 a pair at


Hands down, the most popular eyelash glue brand we see in top celebrity makeup artist kits is Duo. If you wear dark lashes, try the dark-tinted one—it’s completely indetectable when dry—and will cost you about $8 at


Burt’s Bees lip balm is so great, we even know some die-hard vegans who’ll bend their no-animal-related-product rules to use it. It’s moisturizing, long-lasting, won’t give you lip gunk (you know what we’re talking about!) and, with the brand’s new-ish tinted range, will give you just the right hint of color–all for about $7 at


Oil of Olay has been a favorite of generations of women for its gentle, non-greasy moisturizing properties—and now it comes with SPF15! Snag a bottle of your very own for about $7 at


Remember years ago, when Jergens Glow debuted and it sold out—just like that? The gradual self-tanner-slash-moisturizer has just outdone itself this year by adding SPF20 to its fan-favorite formula. So now you can get tan and be protected from the sun—for about $8 a tube at


Coty Airspun Face Powder has been beloved by generations of women for its fine-milled, mattifying properties. It’s light, easy to use, and comes in adorabl retro packaging—all for $6 at


Is there a skin-obsessed teenager in America who hasn’t tried St. Ives Apricot Scrub at some point in their lives? The invigorating slough might be a bit rough for some people’s faces, but we’d definitely recommend it for your body, elbows, knees, and heels! It’s about $3 a tube at


Looking to ace that liquid liner cat-eye look? Try Revlon’s easy-to-maneuver Colorstay Liquid Liner, which will cost you about $9 at


If you’ve had problems in the past with mascara smudging and leaving black marks on your lower lid, try a L’Oreal waterproof mascara. We’re especially fond of the brand’s Voluminous Million Lashes mascara, which is thickening and lengthening—and costs about $9 at


As far as makeup wipes go, there are tons of great options at the drugstore. One of our favorites is Yes to Blueberries’ facial towelettes—smells like children’s vitamins (yum), complexion-brightening, and only $8 at


We first spotted Tresemme’s Thermal Protective Spray in tons of DIY hairstyle videos on YouTube. Yes, this $5 product is a favorite of beauty bloggers (and vloggers!) who, day after day, heat-treat their locks. If you take a blowdryer, a hair iron, or curlers to your head on a regular basis, give it a whirl. At $5 at bottle at, you don’t have a lot to lose.


Unless you’re a pro, we’re guessing you’re just like us and probably need a tidying up after applying your eye makeup (especially mascara—seriously, it gets all over our upper eyelid!). Enter Almay’s affordable ($5 at oil-free makeup eraser sticks—cotton swabs with makeup remover built-in.


Maybelline’s Baby Lips has a bit of everything for everyone—a smidge of color, a touch of conditioning, and SPF20. And, at $3 a pop from, you can have one in every color.


One of the best brush deals on the market are Sonia Kashuk’s at—this whole kit of super-soft eye makeup applicators and brushes will only cost you about $10!

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