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Beyonce’s Super Bowl hair: Kim Kimble, celebrity hairstylist tells all!

Beyonce’s Super Bowl hair: Kim Kimble, celebrity hairstylist tells all!

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Celebrity hairstylist and hair educator Kim Kimble had the amazing opportunity to style Beyonce’s hair for her 2013 Super Bowl halftime performance, and we had a chance to get the inside scoop!  Want hair like Beyonce?  Kim Kimble gives a step by step along with a few tidbits about King Bey.  How exciting!
 “My main goal was to embody the momentum for the Super-bowl in a Sasha-Fierce kinda way.” – Kim Kimble
What  inspired Beyonce’s look?  Well,with it being the Super-bowl and all,we wanted to go with something that was bold, fierce, and glam, embodied in one style.  We perused a few options and decided that the look we chose, would compliment her amazing outfit as well as the energy for that night
How do I get Beyonce’s Super Bowl look?
There’s four key items that Kimble used to create Beyonce’s look:
• Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Serum (Kimble Hair Care)
• Natural Bamboo Grooming Brush (Kimble Hair Care)
• Curling Iron/Wand
• Elnett Holding Spray (L’Oreal)
Kim Kimble gives us the breakdown! 
To create Beyonce’s soft glam look, begin by creating a deep middle- part.
Then use a curling wand to curl the hair in a vertical pattern.
Once your finished curling the hair into the desired curl pattern,  gently brush the curls out using a natural bamboo grooming brush (by Kimble Hair Care) and this creates a really nice finger-wave pattern.
Use the Brazilian Nut and Acai berry serum by Kimble Hair Care as a smoothing agent. This refines the curl pattern ensuring a seamless finish.
Lastly, Kim used Elnett Holding Spray by L’oreal to set the look and the result was glam, soft, bold, and Beyonce.


Let’s be clear, Kim Kimble is no rookie!  Not only is Kim a celebrity’s favorite stylist, she’s currently the host of LA Hair, and is also the owner of her own hair care line, Kimble Hair Care. The opportunity to work with someone like Beyonce during the Super Bowl clealry means she’s got it going on!  


Kim, after an amazing start, what are some of your goals for this year?

My goal for this year is to provide more education to the masses as it pertains to hair care, my product line Kimble Hair Care. I have an amazing line of products from conditioners to cosmetology utensils.. to focus on. That, and of course the new season of L.A. Hair.


Thank you Kim Kimble for the inside scoop!


For all of the great products from the Kimble Hair Care line, visit her

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