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Black Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips for Relaxed Hair

Black Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips for Relaxed Hair

Considering the natural hair epidemic it’s easy for relaxer buffs to get lost in the shuffle. Caring for natural hair is a lot different than maintaining processed hair health. Due to the strong chemical processes it is very important to take special and unique care of the fragile hair. These 5 tips for relaxed hair should help you maintain beautiful and healthy hair.

1. Moisturize is your friend.

Deep-conditioning restores moisture that is much needed to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle. After every shampoo apply a deep-conditioner and let stand for at least 30 minutes.

2. Heat Control. 

Too much heat is never a good thing. Minimize your heating tool usage as much as possible. If you can, roller set your hair and sit under a dryer instead of using a blow dryer. Limit your flat iron touch ups to, at the most, 2 times a week. Also whenever using a heating tool be sure to use a heat protectant.

3. Wrap it up.  

In order to limit your flat iron usage wrapping your hair during down time such as studying, sleeping or exercising will make sure your roots don’t get puffy and need a touch of heat. Wrapping your hair is the perfect technique to keep your hair coiffed.

4. Keep it clean. 

For optimal growth and a healthy scalp shampooing twice a week is key. Cleaning your more than twice a week will strip its natural oils and leave it looking dry.

5. Trim those ends.  

Relaxed or not, trimming your ends is a necessity. Split ends are hair’s worse enemy, so keep your ends trimmed. For the best results trim your ends ever 6 weeks.

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