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Black Hair Care: 4 Benefits to Keeping A Hair Journal During Your Relaxed to Natural Tansition

Black Hair Care: 4 Benefits to Keeping A Hair Journal During Your Relaxed to Natural Tansition

I have always loved big beautiful hair. Unfortunately, I grew up believing that the only acceptable way to wear my hair was relaxed.  I spent my teens and 20s letting my hair call all of the shots. After I noticed my hair was thinning, I ultimately decided to go natural.

With the help of the natural hair community, I collected tons of information on transitioning to natural hair. To keep me from feeling overwhelmed, I started a hair journal. My hair journal kept me sane and motivated. I learned a lot about myself and my hair during my transition. I will admit that I had moments of frustrations, tears and total confusion, but it was worth it. Today, I’m completely natural and love my thick, healthy hair.

Enjoy your journey, Love your hair!

– Cheryl Simms of Your Natural Hair Journey


To help you learn and love your hair

Use your journal to record positive hair affirmations (i.e. Natural hair is beautiful, healthy and unique)! Find images of gorgeous natural hair in every texture and keep them in your journal. Whenever you feel discouraged, refer back to your journal to remind yourself of why you decided to transition in the first place.



To easily develop a routine

Use your journal to record what works and doesn’t work for your hair. Be specific and write down exactly what you did to your hair, what products you used and in what order. Pay special attention to how you hair feels once it dries. Successful routines should leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized.



To help stay organized

The natural hair community is a whole different world complete with its own language; co-washing, sulfates, big chop, and other terms you will become familiar with during your transition. Use your journal to keep the information you collect organized. Keep a list of  sites, products, and techniques that work for your lifestyle and hair.



To help what products work best on your hair

Your journal is perfect for recording the products that work best for your hair. When you try a new product, record the purpose your use, and the results in your journal. Always write down the first few ingredients of products you like and look for these ingredients in other products. This is a great way to identify other products that may work for your hair.



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