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Celebrity Makeup Artist Saisha Beecham Gives Tips to Aspirants

Celebrity Makeup Artist Saisha Beecham Gives Tips to Aspirants

Recently, Talking Pretty caught up with celebrity makeup artist Saisha Beecham. It was the perfect opportunity to discuss what it really takes to become a successful makeup artist.

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Talking Pretty: Should aspiring makeup artists attend cosmetology school? Is a license necessary?

Saisha Beecham: You don’t need a license to be a makeup artist, because there are no chemicals or anything like that. Normally to be a cosmetologist, you need a cosmetology license because you’re going to be dealing with chemicals and they can harm somebody. As a makeup artist, what makes you a professional is basically just getting paid gigs.

TP: So where do you feel is the best place for an aspiring makeup artist to start, for example, working in a department store?

SB: That is an option, but a lot of times the department stores are going to teach you their techniques and the way they want to do it, or there’s going to be only a “certain type” of clientele that’s coming in. So you’re just going to kind of be stuck with that and as soon as you’re on a set, [in] a totally different kind of atmosphere and [with] a totally different face, you’re going to be kind of lost. So this is what I always tell people when they ask me this question:

First you need to research. … The research is what gives you the knowledge, [once] you have the knowledge you need to practice, when you have that knowledge that’s what gives you the confidence, and the confidence is what makes you the best. So I would say research, gain the knowledge, practice on your friends and do test shoots for photographers.

TP: How should a makeup artist price their services, especially when just starting out?

SB: I would say a good starting range if you’re going to do a test shoot with a photographer with an aspiring model, I would say start out for one look for $75. Fifty dollars is good, but I would say $75 and let them talk you down to $50. That’s where I started, so honestly I only know what I did, and that’s what I usually share with the people who work under me. I tell them all the steps that I took and 100 percent of the assistants that ever worked under me are key makeup artists now.


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