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Check Out This Cool OPI iPhone App

Check Out This Cool OPI iPhone App

All you iPhone girls who love to switch up your nail polish colors every week will definitely appreciate this new OPI nail application.

OPI nail polish is relaunching their “OPI Application” for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app offers you an easy and free way to browse and search over 200 OPI nail lacquer shades at super fast speeds. No more wondering how a shade will look on your skin tone, because you can use the “Try It On Color Studio” that gives you a look at all the current OPI shades and also retired shades. Even cooler is that the app allows you to view past favorites and information about the year in which those hues were retired.

“The portable nature of the OPI app makes it easy to take while shopping and choose a lacquer shade to accessorize any new dresses, tops, or jackets right there in the store,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director.

Can’t remember what color came from which collection? There’s a “sort by collection” feature, highlighting current collections and promotions so that users will know what’s new to the brand. You can even bookmark your favorites and store your lacquer choices for future reference.

The OPI App is available at and is free to download. It works will all iPhone and iPod Touch devices running software update  iOS 5.



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