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DIY Nail Craze: Marble Nails

DIY Nail Craze: Marble Nails

Clueless as to how you’ll polish your digits this week? Our nails reflect our ever-changing tastes, preferences and obsessions, which give you the perfect opportunity to try marble nails. They are the new craze that will make your digits pop with a psychedelic finish. Yes, they may test your nerves and be time consuming, but, in the end, it’s all worth it. So, grab your patience, steady hands and materials and follow this step-by-step guide to very impressive marble nails. –mckenzie harris

Materials Needed

– Multiple colors of nail polish
– Plastic cup
– Room temperature water
– Pointed object (ex: toothpick, plastic knife, safety pin, etc.)
– Scotch tape
– Nail-polish remover
– Q-tip or cotton balls
– Patience

Here’s How It’s Done

1. Fill the plastic cup with room temperature water. Take each nail polish color and alternate dropping one drop at a time in the center, creating a ripple effect.

2. Take your pointed object and create your desired design. You can gently and lightly drag from the center outward or outward in to create the design.

3. Using your scotch tape, tape your fingers around your nail bed covering all skin. Tape the bottom and around all sides. The tape is important so the polish does not stain your skin when you’re done.

4. Take your nail and place it into the water with your nail bed facing down, parallel to the water. Dip your nail so that your finger is all the way in the water.

5. While your finger is still in the water, take your pointed object and scoop up all remaining nail polish that is surrounding your finger.

6. Pull your finger out of the water, and your nail design is complete. Repeat steps one through five until all fingers are done.

7. When your nails are dry, gently peel off the tape around your fingers.

8. Apply a top coat. Remove any polish that may have gotten on your skin with a Q-tip and polish remover.

Have you tried marble nails? What techniques did you do that worked for you?

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