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Do Black Women Care About Being Healthy?

Do Black Women Care About Being Healthy?


As we have attended countless hair and fashion shows over the year, I have met so many awesome people in those communities, as well as educated myself on many aspects of natural hair.  Being a site that caters to women and their beauty, all of that is expected, but at some point, we do have to step back and take a look at the way we treat ourselves emotionally and physically.

This past weekend, I attended the CBWW Health and Beauty Expo and experienced women of all shapes and sizes heavily involved in the health screenings and dietary tips that many companies presented.  Though we all will say that we care about our health, how many of us attend health seminars more often than fashion events?  The fact that I was cemented on the idea that most people came for the fashion and beauty aspect of the event slowly changed as I interacted with the attendees.


I met Domoneicqua Williams between fashion shows.  As she was finishing up her hair care purchase, I  asked her why she had come and what had she experienced.  I also noticed that she was a naturalista with short hair.  Of course Domoneicqua had to check out the hair products and educate herself on a few new products, she took a good amount of time out to visit the booths that were focused on dietary supplements and healthy alternatives for fitness.

As we chatted about her overall health and fitness knowledge, and some of her dieting habits, I noticed that we treat our health like we treat our hair.  We get bored, lazy, we experiment, and then we try to fix whatever it is that we did.  We jump from diet to diet. To eat whatever, and them sometimes we eat hardly anything.  We live as we see fit, until we don’t see it working- and that is when we try to find an easy fix.

It is the way our society has carried on for as long as we can remember, so there’s no one to blame for the past.  Just as many of us look for stability in our hair, studying, and opening up about our thoughts, our health should be the same.


Being happy with our whole selves is the first step to living a happier life.

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