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Easy At Home DIY Facials For Acne And Redness

Easy At Home DIY Facials For Acne And Redness

The holiday season can bring on chaos and stress. Running around to parties, the mall, events, and family gatherings can take a toll on your skin in the form of breakouts.

While topical treatments like benzoyl peroxide definitely are effective, they can cause a lot of dryness, flaking and irritation. Here are two DIY facial recipes, one for acne and one for redness and irritation that you can whip up at home. So stop stressing about your stressed out skin and read on:


1. Start with a hot, steamy shower and use your regular cleanser to clean the face. The steam will soften skin and open the pores so that the skin will be more receptive to the active ingredients.

2. Start with warmed green tea bags and swipe them over the entire face, doing several passes and focusing on trouble areas. This will have a similar effect to an anti-bacterial toner.

3. Crush up an aspirin (which is an anti-inflammatory) and mix with a calming essential (like eucalyptus or sage) and spot treat the site of the acne. Leave on for 15 minutes.

4. While using an oil with acne may seem counter-intuitive, an essential oil acts much differently from our notion of “oil.” Because the molecules are so small, they’re able to penetrate much more deeply into the skin and whatever is applied on top of it is able to be delivered farther down into the skin.

5. Finish with a cold wash cloth over the face to sooth and calm the skin.


This one is simple and works like a charm.

1. Chill (over ice) a glass of full fat millk (the “full fat” is key).

2. Use two wash cloths and dip them into milk. Lying down, drape one on the bottom half of the face and one of the top half (leaving room for your nose.)

3. Let sit on the face for 15 minutes.


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