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Flat irons: Ceramic vs. Tourmaline

Flat irons: Ceramic vs. Tourmaline

Ceramic flat irons allow us to enjoy straightening our hair without damaging our tresses, unlike metal-plated flat irons. Ceramic irons use infrared ionic heat that is gentle and may even help repair hair follicles. The high-heat setting capabilities can straighten the coarsest, curliest of ethnic hair. 

The tourmaline flat irons pose even less risk to hair than ceramic flat irons. Tourmaline is actually a semi-precious stone that is crushed and molded in the plates of a hair iron. The tourmaline also has one other important function. It  creates more negative ions in comparison to ceramic plates. These negative ions help reduce the effect of the positive charge that is usually found on dry or frizzy hair. Tourmaline helps remove excess water in the hair and ultimately balances the moisture. This is great for ladies who want their flat irons help in reducing frizz and also making hair straighter, smoother and lustrous.

Ceramic flat irons are great for reducing hair damage but tourmaline-based flat irons reduce frizz and make hair comparatively shinier.

CHI and FHI are trusted by the international beauty industry to produce flat irons that are incredibly high-quality. All CHI Turbo irons are made from ceramic plates. These are incredibly smoothing and can even help detangle hair and reduce the occurrence of knots.

FHI flat irons on the other hand have tourmaline plates and are capable of producing up to 20 times more negative ions then regular ceramic models.

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