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Get Cheeky: The 411 on Blush

Get Cheeky: The 411 on Blush

Blush can give your cheeks a beautiful glow and natural flush adding some color for a more lively complexion. We’ve listed some key tips and guidelines on everything you need to know about this color-boosting tool. –mckenzie harris

1. Find the right formula:

For normal to dry skin, try a cream blush.

For normal to oily skin go for powder, it lasts longer than cream blush.

Finally for those with oily skin, a gel blush will be sure to stay put.

2. Keep it believable. With vibrant orange and red shades, it’s important to keep it real and mimic a healthy glow. Apricots and muted brick reds are very flattering on medium to dark complexions.

3. Choosing the right tools can make a difference. For bright blush, choose a fan brush. It’s great at distributing color evenly and creating a soft effect. Use a fan or big, soft, fluffy brush with powder blushes. Make sure it’s soft, big thick brushes that are too thick can give too dense an application. Use your fingers to apply a cream or gel blush.

4. Prime your cheeks with a primer to provide a smooth base for your blush and eliminate any blotchy or uneven skin.

5. All skin types should apply a layer of translucent powder prior to their blush. Using this as a primer will help the pigment go on uniformly and last longer.

6. Flatter your face shape.

To slim a round face, start your blush at the apples then brush along the cheekbones to the temples.

To fill out a thin face, use circular motions and sweep blush from the center of your cheeks along the cheekbones and straight back to your ears.

To create higher cheekbones, choose a contouring powder or a matte bronzer a shade or two darker than your skin. Start at the outer cheekbones, and lightly sweep it over them. A dot of highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones creates a lifted effect.

7. Layer if necessary. If your cheeks drink up color midday, apply a little cream blush, let it sink into the skin, dust translucent powder and finish with powder blush.

8. Keep your skin type in mind.

Blushes with shimmer give sallow skin life.

Matte blushes are ideal for oily skin.

Sheer blush (often creams or gels) look best on very dark or very pale complexions because they  allow skin to shine through.

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