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Hair Talk: TP Chats with Design Essentials® Master Educator Deshonica Kerrie

Hair Talk: TP Chats with Design Essentials® Master Educator Deshonica Kerrie

Talking Pretty had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Design Essentials® Master Educator Deshonica Kerrie after Design Essentials®  extremely successful turnout at the Market Friday kickoff in the Atlanta University Center. Check out the interview below as Professor Kerrie imparts her hairtastic wisdom on us!

1. Toot your own horn! Give us the scoop on what you do? 

Owner and full time stylist of Deshonica Kerrie Hair Salon. International educator
for Design Essentials in which I educate and teach classes that allow consumers
and stylists to understand Design Essentials salon systems as well as techniques
to enhance their natural or chemically enhanced hair.

2. What came first? The Design Essentials products or the teacher?

Teaching has always been my passion, so once I became an Educator for
Design Essentials I knew I wanted to learn more and start educating stylists
on the products and the professional way to use them as well as teaching
cosmetology students and keeping them motivated in this industry.

3. What is Design Essentials mission?

Design Essentials mission is to offer a strong commitment to improving the look
and feel of your hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address and
satisfy your specific hair needs. We understand that there are a myriad of hair
types by nature and that hair care is a very personal and emotional experience.
The brand provides you with effective, professional-quality products that you can
depend on to cleanse condition, nourish, revitalize and restore your hair and will
always be a partner to your style.

4. Natural Hair advice for transitioning from Summer to Fall?

To keep your hair hydrated with Design Essentials hydrate leave in conditioner
as well as hydration treatment with a combination of Deep conditioner, hydrate,
6n1 protein conditioner, stimulations and express super moisturizers, this will
ensure a balance of moisture and protein. Maintaining the ends of your hair by
getting your regularly scheduled trims/shapings as needed. Always use your
finishing products such as silk essentials or nutriment Rx, or the complete Design
Essentials natural line to style and finish the hair.

5. Would you suggest the ‘Big Chop’?

The “big chop” is suggested because you have so many possibilities and will be
able to enjoy what your natural curl pattern has to offer.

6. How do you feel when people say that going natural is just a trend?

 Natural is not a just a trend natural hair has been in existence for a long time we                                                                                                                                                                                        just now are embracing and learning how to maintain it and be more creative with our curl patterns.

7. Are you pro sew-ins?

Yes, sew ins are just another way we accessorize our look, key is to always
maintain your hair and scalp before during and after the sew-in

8. 3 tips for people who frequently wear a weave? 

To keep scalp clean by using design essentials therapeutics antiseptic
treatment for skin & scalp. To cleanse the hair without stripping the cuticle
layer of the commercial integration use design essentials strengthening therapy
cleansing sulfate free shampoo. Finish the hair with design essentials silk
essentials for maximum movement and shine

9. How to you repair a dry scalp?

By drinking plenty of water, keeping your scalp clean with design essentials
therapeutics anti-itch shampoo ,followed up with moisture retention shampoo or
strengthening sulfate free shampoo.
10. Biggest Mistake women make with their hair?

Not maintaining the hair with regular trims, not understanding curl patterns, and                                                                                                                                                                                    visiting the salon on a consistent basis are mistakes we often make with our hair

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