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Hot Trend to Try: Louboutin Nails

Hot Trend to Try: Louboutin Nails

Christian Louboutin and his trademark … well according to recent news, not “trademark protected,” red-sole shoes have created a sexy design just for your nails. Welcome … Louboutin nails.

The design is just like the signature shoe that has become a fashion staple in many women’s closets, and a coveted accessory for others to include in their wardrobe in the future. We don’t think this could get any more perfect, since nail art is the perfect accessory to top off your look.

So ladies, give your nails a designer touch with this DIY Louboutin nail design. You can give it a try at home, or head to the salon and let a professional handle it. Either way, you will still be fly — here’s how it’s done. –mckenzie harris

What You Need:

Black nail polish of your choice

Red nail polish of your choice

Clear top coat

Cotton swab or Q-tip

Nail polish remover

Studs, rhinestones, gold or silver chains (optional)

Rihanna with Louboutin nails




How It’s Done:

1. Start with a base coat to protect your nails from the dark polish shades.

2. Polish the area underneath your nail in the bold red shade you selected. You may need two coats to get the desired pigment. Polishing this part first allows you room to cover up any mistakes with the next step.

3. Polish the top of your nail with two coats using black polish.

4. Wait for the black polish to dry completely and finish it with a shiny top coat.

5. While your top coat is still wet, add optional studs, rhinestones, or chains to one nail on each hand to give your look a little more edge.

6. Take your Q-tip dipped in polish remover and clean up any excess polish that may have gotten on your skin.

What do you think about the Louboutin nails? Will you be trying this trend at home?


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