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Hottest Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair

Hottest Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair

Natural hair is taking over the hair world by storm. What was once considered a beauty faux pas is now the hottest trend in ethnic hair. We can finally throw aside our pressing combs and relaxers in exchange for a hair pick and it feels so good. Now that we have gotten rid of our old faithful hair tools, many of us are struggling to discover just what to do with our natural tresses. Here is a guide for all hair lengths on how to fashionably sport your new do.


Short to medium length hair- Many of us chose to transition rather than boldly commit to the big chop. For us chickens, it can be difficult disguising our relaxed ends in our newly natural roots. The perfect solution is a twist out with a rod set. This will curl your ends so that they mimic the rest of your hair and give you an overall natural look  without losing your length. Your friends will be fooled when they see your “all-natural” style.


Short hair- Sometimes while growing out your hair, you become bored. Wash-and-goes and twist outs are so mundane and you are in desperate need of a change. Chopping off a few inches in the back will give you an unique shape and add some extra spunk to your look.

Medium length hair- Once you have chopped off your relaxed ends and your hair has extended to a length that hangs, you can now comfortably rock a twist or braid out, bantu knots, or any other unique style without assistance from rods or rollers. To add body try using a pick to stretch your hair or a diffuser.

Twists/braids- You have done it all and now it is time to get creative. Doing something funky like these twists arranged in a french roll will turn heads wherever you go. You can wear this type of style in a professional setting or release the twists and let them hang for a night out on the town.

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