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Killer Lipsticks: 3 Ways You Never Thought to Wear Them

Killer Lipsticks: 3 Ways You Never Thought to Wear Them

Lipstick is a classic staple in every woman’s makeup bag. Why not have some fun with it? We found three totally different ways to wear the lipstick shade that suites you best, whether on your lips, around your neck, or placed on your fingers. Here’s how you can rock it.

As a Lip Tattoo

Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos will make you want to release every bit of the diva inside of you. Yes it’s exactly what it sounds, a temporary tattoo you apply to your lips that lasts from four to eight hours and costs ten to fifteen bucks depending on which design you choose. Violent lips come in patterns like cheetah, polka dot, rainbow, zebra, or even the American flag. Check out this article for a demonstration and more information on how to apply them.

As a Statement Piece

We would kill for this totally innovative lipstick jewelry line by Red VLVT called “Killer Lipstick.” They specialize in statement pieces ranging from costume jewelry to very unique apparel for the woman who wants to make a statement. The Providence, Rhode Island-raised designer’s premiere jewelry collection is inspired by the seven deadly sins.  The first of the seven designs, “Killer Lipstick” represents vanity.  Her designs have already been seen on celebrities including Dawn Richard of Diddy-Dirty Money and Khloe Kardashian. The collection ranges from $75 to $200.

Shot Out of a Gun

Not literally people! But Dutch artist Ted Noten has taken this notion a step further with his “Dior 007″ gun. The shape of the lipstick earned the name “bullet,” which fits perfectly  — it’s great  shot of color for that pouting look. Based on the idea of vintage “spy contraptions,” the 3-D nylon cast houses a vintage hairpin, Dior lip gloss and a USB stick. The device also has a handy compartment for pills with detailing made of 18 karat gold. This cool shooter is part of the “7 Necessities for a Woman To Feel Like a Woman Through The Eyes of a Man” art series. Other items from the collection include a helmet, bag, shawl, sunglasses, bionic arm and a chastity piece.

What do you think? Would you  rock any of these looks?

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