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Kim Kardashian debuts new hairstyle- bangs!

Kim Kardashian debuts new hairstyle- bangs!


Kim K is sporting a new hairstyle, but does this mean we should add bangs to our Spring 2013 hairstyle trends?  Sound off below!


Yes people, it’s real this time!  No clip-on bangs necessary! Mommy-to-be, Kim Kardashian has finally went for the cut, and is now rocking blunt bangs.  Celebrity stylist Phillip Wolf seemed honored to do the cutting as Kardashian freaked out one last time.

Kim Kardashian is going through a lot of changes as we speak!  Becoming a new mother who’s still basking in the newness of her and Kanye West‘s relationship, and building a new wardrobe that exudes class and sophistication, it was definitely time for a hair change.  We love her long, dark locks and wouldn’t suggest anything crazy, so I guess bangs are the easiest way to go!

Before the actual cutting, Kim Kardashian made sure to call mom for a third opinion (Phillip was the second), Kim stressed that she didn’t want side swept bangs like Kourtney’s, but she was ready for something different.

We also learned something new!  Apparently you’re not supposed to listen to a pregnant woman asking for a hair change (?), but do you think Kim was in the right mind state?  Were the bangs a good idea for Kim and her new style?

Of course it’s too late to turn back the hands of time, but are you in love with Kim Kardashian’s new look?  Take a look at the messy finished product and the video of the moment it all went down.







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