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Lil Mama Talks Natural Hair Backlash? Are All Black Women Haters?

Lil Mama Talks Natural Hair Backlash? Are All Black Women Haters?

In an interview with, Lil Mama discussed her disappointment in some comments that she received after she posted her natural hair photo.  Surprisingly a lot of these comments were coming from other black women.  in the interview Lil Mama said,
“I posted the picture [of my hair] and they were like, ‘Oh my God, you look like a shocked slave.’ I didn’t get one comment from a white person that was negative about my hair. All of them came from the sisters that had these bulls–t helmet weaves, looking like a fake a** Nicki Minaj or whoever else they think they is. They don’t know who they are and the people that they are looking to for guidance don’t know who they are. So, it sucks.”
When she was asked if the perception of ‘black hair’ can be changed, she stressed that you have to start with yourself.  It can be hard in society today to be natural all your life and never convert to getting a perm.   There is a lot of pressure and it really shows your strength by sticking to what is true to you!

For our talking pretty readers out there, how do you feel about this topic?  Do you feel that you need a perm to feel pretty?  Have you been pressured into getting a perm and regretting it?  We would love to hear your take on this situation that is HUGE within the black community.

-Europe Angelique


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