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Melanie Fiona’s “Good Mix” Statement: But Isn’t She Right?

Melanie Fiona’s “Good Mix” Statement: But Isn’t She Right?



Melanie Fiona caused black women to lose their minds over hair (again).  In a statement with Sophisticate’s Black Hair Melanie Fiona is quoted giving her mixed heritage credit for her long flowing locks.

SBH: What’s the secret to your gorgeous long hair?
Melanie Fiona: I was born with a full head of hair, and my mom wouldn’t let me cut it until I was 12! I’m mixed – my mom is Black and Portuguese and my dad is Indian so I have a good mix for growth.



Yes, many of us naturalistas proclaim that there is no such thing as good hair, but isn’t her statement at least somewhat accurate?  Isn’t the fact that both of her parents come from a non-African background, thus having a looser ‘wave pattern’, have something to do with why her hair is substantially longer than the average African American woman?  That is not to say that someone’s mother or aunt hasn’t also achieved such long length, but let’s be honest- it’s not very common.

For someone who hasn’t lived the natural hair journey, or never had to mention the last time they had a perm, can you expect her to sympathize with us?  Can you really expect her to know that the term ‘good hair’ is not cool with us anymore?

Though most people in the natural hair care business hate to consider the new-found mainstream popularity of natural hair as a movement, or trend, but it is what it is.  The mainstream markets have hardly acknowledged how major the natural hair market is.  Our black women seem to be torn between natural hairstyles and long Indian Remi.  Natural styles on celebrities are few and far between.  Many of our top black models have even expressed the lack of knowledge when it comes to maintaining and styling black hair.

Unlike our hair, we need to RELAX naturalistas.  We are the innovators.  We are the chosen ones to bring natural African beauty to the light.  Just because we frequent the natural hair  blogs, conferences, and might have snagged a Curlbox or two, we can’t hold others to the same accountability.  They don’t live our lives- heck, most of us just started the journey.


And other thing: How about asking SBH to stop letting celebrities and stylists pretend that there isn’t weave in half of these so-called “natural” styles.  Melanie Fiona isn’t here for you, but they are.




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