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Nail Care Basics: Dos and Don’ts

Nail Care Basics: Dos and Don’ts

  • We all love getting our nails polished and  manicured. The first basic steps is to take care of your nails before all the polish and designs. Here are a few nail care basics: do’s and don’t to keep your hands looking youthful and healthy.
  • DO wear gloves. Protect your nails and cuticles from the wear and tear from doing housework, gardening and washing dishes.
  • DO use hand cream. Apply hand cream to the cuticle area after washing your hands and before going to bed
  • DO SPF your nails, too. The sun is hard on your nails also. To avoid damage – put sunscreen on your cuticles.
  • DO keep your kits clean. Change nail files often and disinfect your tools after each use to prevent bacteria and other microbes from spreading.
  • DO treat ingrown nails, tears and cuts ASAP. Use Polysporin, Neosporin or Bacitracin to disinfect cuts and to prevent long-lasting nail damage.
  • DON’T pull/tear hangnails. It’s tempting to end the pain as soon as possible but pulling at hangnails will only cause cuticle damage – it’s better to gently cut them away.
  • DON’T use nail products containing formaldehyde or toluene. These are linked to nail and overall health risks
  • DON’T use your fingernails as substitutes for tools. Avoid prying things open or opening letters with your nails – this can lead to nail breakage and cuticle damage.
  • DON’T overdo nail polish remover. Use the least amount of nail polish remover for optimal cuticle and skin health.
  • DON’T push cuticles back too far. It’s good to keep your nails well-groomed but try to let the cuticle be as much as possible – only trim the cuticle when it lifts away from the nail.
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