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Natural Beauty Expert, Rachel Odem, Spills The Details on Holiday Makeup Must Haves

Natural Beauty Expert, Rachel Odem, Spills The Details on Holiday Makeup Must Haves

Rachel Odem, Natural Beauty Expert

Makeup and skin care routines change as the weather gets colder. With the holidays rapidly approaching, there are some tips you should know to help better prepare you for holiday travel, dry skin, and how to wear the latest makeup trends.

Talking Pretty got exclusive advice from Chicago Natural Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist, Rachel Odem, on what’s hot and how to make your holiday travels a little less stressful. 

What are some tips for women to make their holiday travel smoother when carrying makeup and products through the airport?

Only carry the essentials such as tubes of lipstick or lip gloss and pressed powder. If you must bring more makeup with you, purchase disposable containers to transport items such as foundation or skincare liquids.

List five of the best travel size makeup must-haves for the holidays.

It’s the perfect time of year to use products that you receive after purchasing a gift that comes with a promotional deal. Most of them already come in a travel bag and also contain great  skin care essentials, mascaras, and travel lip colors.

I love Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast, Senna Brow Powder, Lancome Mascara, HIP pigments, and MAC Holiday Lip Palettes.

What’s an easy go-to holiday makeup look to wear this season?

A red lip and a jet black cat eye.

Glitter is often a festive look to wear during the holidays. How can women wear glitter without looking too youthful or being messy?

When it comes to glitter, less is more. Use a little on the lid or use it as an accent shade on top of neutral colors. Glitter can also make a beautiful highlight when used in the inner corner of the eye.

What are some of the holiday makeup trends?

This is a great time to pick one feature and think outside of the box. If you normally wear neutral eye shadow colors, try doing a smokey eye or use a creamy eye shadow. For your lips, look for colors with rich hues such as red, bordeauxs, and plum shades.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when it comes to switching their makeup products when the seasons change?

Not using products to help seal in moisture. Typically in the summer you switch to lightweight products. In the winter it’s just the opposite, use products that are occlusive.

What are your favorite natural products that every woman should own?

Tinted moisturizer is great for women on-the-go because it takes care of skin and makeup concerns in one step. Using an exfoliator is also essential to rid skin of dead skin cells and speed up cell turnover. Finally, concealer helps to create an even skin tone and lesson the look of hyper pigmentation.

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