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Natural Hair ‘Sorority’? How Far is Too Far?

Natural Hair ‘Sorority’? How Far is Too Far?

Yes. You read it correctly, a Natural Hair Sorority specifically for Black women. When I read an article about its start up, I shrugged it off (not in a mean way) thinking it would disappear like every other fad. Well, not only are they still going strong, they now have over 10,000 Pi Nappa Kappa Members.

Pi Nappa Kappa was founded just last year and is lead by the natural hair guru, Leola Anifowoshe. They have a hand sign, mission statement, and are a part of a national society called, the Natural Healthy Hair Society, also led by Anifowoshe.

Now, creating new organizations to better a community is fine with me, but I’m questioning whether this “sorority” is relevant in today’s society. In their mission statement, Pi Nappa Kappa’s focus is “to make the word ‘nappy’ into a ‘happy’ and celebrated term. It’s a bit far fetched to create such a sorority when it’s just hair. I can see if there was an epidemic of relaxed hair people taking over the world and it was demanded for everyone to relax their hair but it isn’t that deep to start up a movement.

“My biggest concern is that the women we’re here to serve are the same ones trying to tear us down. I welcome women with relaxed hair to join the conversation and attend our events to see that we’re not just talking about hair, but also about being better mothers, eating properly and taking care of ourselves,” Pi Nappa Kappa’s Anifowoshe told Huffington Post Black Voices.

I understand that some women feel pressured to wear their hair a certain way to “fit” into America’s view of a professional woman, but why exclude women without natural hair? We as black women should unite and build sisterhoods without division.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion.

Here are some celebrities rocking “Natural Hair”

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