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No Shave November

No Shave November

If you’re a woman (or man) who likes a more rugged looking man this is your month! November or Movember (a portmanteau for mustache and November) then you’re in luck. “No-Shave-November” is upon us and yes, it does apply to both men and women. There are several charities that raise money with the help of men growing out their facial hair, and yes there are rules. Ladies, if your man is choosing to participate in this month long hair growth, we’ve got some products to help moisturize his situation and preserve his sexy.


The all natural hair tonics above come from Oyin Handmade, a company that produces hand-made, all-natural products for all men, women and children. Your man can use this to condition and moisturize his beard. Makes a great stocking stuffer if he decides to keep the beard!


If he grows it, he must brush it! Get him a brush to keep his curls and kinks in order.


For after Movember, when your man wants to maintain a more manicured looking beard.


The Art of Shaving is a complete grooming system for men. Avoiding ingrown is a task for men of color because of the more curly hair texture. Following a routine helps minimize and eliminate ingrown hairs.



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