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Product Obsession: Lamik Beauty Celebrity Brow Kit

Product Obsession: Lamik Beauty Celebrity Brow Kit

When it comes to framing and shaping your face, perfect brows are essential. We’ve all had those tragic salon visits where our eyebrows were hacked off even after clarifying to your waxer, threader, or plucker that you just wanted them “cleaned up.” Fret no more!

Talking Pretty reviewed Lamik Beauty’s Celebrity Brow Kit and has officially stamped it as a must-have in your beauty drawer. This kit comes with everything you need to fill in, shape, and highlight your brows. You can sculpt the perfect brow or just fill in a few sparse hairs with their brow powder and highlight with their brightening creme to lift the brow and accentuate the brow bone.

Don’t worry about purchasing another makeup brush, the Celebrity Brown Kit comes with an angled brow brush to help you achieve this look. The brow colors come in four different shades to match any hair color: Northside (Brunette, dark to black hair), Southside (Brown, medium to light brown hair), Westside (Red, auburn to red hair), and Eastside (Blonde, taupe to blonde hair).

The Celebrity Brow Kit retails at $50.50 and is worth every penny. The healthy size individual pots will have you stocked up for a while. Visit for more information.

Need help on how to maintain your brows? Brow King Damone Roberts tells you how here.

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