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Protective Styles: Natural hair’s best friends

Protective Styles: Natural hair’s best friends

Who knew we were rocking protective hair styles when we were just trying to be cute.  These days, as we grow older and start to maintain our beautiful natural hair ourselves, it’s important that we don’t overload our hair on products, heat, or over-styling.

Take a look at some of our favorite protective hairstyles!


Braids/twists: Solange resurrected the box braids and now the whole natural hair community is following suit. Made popular by celebs such as Janet Jackson and Brandy in the 90’s, the box braid (as well as twists, Senegalese twists are a fave) is a simplistic, yet productive style that keeps your natural mane healthy while protecting it from damage. They are the best way to avoid chemicals and heat while allowing your hair to continue to
grow. This is the perfect option for those who are in transition and have a hard time managing two different hair textures.



Weave: In all its elaborate forms. There is wavy, straight, curly and a plethora of other textures to choose from. This is another option for transitioning, however, unless you get a full-weave, some of your hair will be exposed. But it is a fun and cute way to keep the majority of your hair protected from wear and tear.



Wigs: While I personally wouldn’t recommend making a habit of wearing them because I feel that your hair and scalp need to breathe, wigs are a quick solution to a bad hair day. If you are going to wear wigs, it is smart to braid your hair and place a cap over your head to protect your tresses.


Clip-ins: Want a cute bang without actually cutting your hair? Or a cute curly do without paying the price of a sew-in weave? Well clip-ons are the way to go! An easy way to achieve a different look is to buy a pack of weave, sew it on to clips (as shown below), and viola! You have a funky style that you can take off at night.


Buns: The bun is one of the oldest trends in hair that never loses its relevance. Whether you accomplish this look with braids, twists, weave, or purchase a clip on bun, the style provides sophisticated flawlessness.


Other cool protective styles:


 You can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned ponytail.


The fishtail braid is one of the hottest trends right now. Stylish and chic.


Clip-on bangs = simplistically cute.


written by: Renée Nicole Gibson at

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