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Review : DreamDry NYC

Review : DreamDry NYC

DreamDry NYC

New York is a bustling city known for running ’round the clock. For the New York City woman on-the-go, there are only a few niche places that satisfy her 24-hour needs. DreamDry is one of those niche places: no colors or cuts, just blow drying and fabulous up-dos. Using top-of-the-line Oribe products, the blow-dryer-wielding hair fairies transform most hair types, lengths and textures in about an hour. A blowout is only $40 (plus tax); they offer clients champagne and an iPad to help pass the time!


If you look at their Instagram and Facebook accounts, you will find several pictures of women with gorgeous curls and waves. Of all the beautiful styles, there is a sparse selection of women with textured hair. A salon showcasing a predominately white clientele isn’t one that is going to draw women with curls and coils. The reviews rave about excellent service and quality products, but there were no reviews from women of color.

Feeling that the African American “woman-on-the-go” could benefit from this service,  I contacted one of the founders, Robin Moraetes (Rachel Zoe is the other founder), about my concerns being African American and going into a salon like DreamDry. In a quick response, Robin assured me I would be in good hands, and I scheduled my appointment.


Walking into the salon, you immediately feel like you’ve done something right in life and landed in salon heaven. I checked in, met Patty, my stylist, and went to the back for a wash. Having natural hair, there are certain ways of doing things that you are accustomed to — like combing out your hair while the conditioner is in it. Patty didn’t do that and I nearly panicked, but she used the magnificent products from Oribe and got through my curls with ease. The entire process took about two hours, which is standard for me.


The overall experience was five star for both quality of service and satisfaction. Highly recommended for late night events or a quick change of style and extra dash of glam. Thanks Robin and Patty.

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