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Right or Wrong?: Kim Kardashian Rocks Spider Lashes

Right or Wrong?: Kim Kardashian Rocks Spider Lashes

Who would have thought clumpy lashes would be the next beauty trend? Our favorites mascaras are designed to separate, lengthen, and add volume to our lashes, and now the latest look is clumping them all together for the “spider lash” effect. The mantra has always been “the bigger the better”, and beauty brands are taking it to the extreme with products that offer intense spider-like lashes.

Kim Kardashian can be seen rocking spider lashes often with the help of a few well placed falsies. Even makeup artist Pat McGrath created this look for Gucci’s Fall 2011 runway show by layering coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes while fusing them together.

The key to getting these long, thick, and intense lashes is all in the building up of the product and the intensity of your mascara. The idea is creative and ideal for the runways and editorial shoots, but if you’re not careful it could easily appear as though a mascara wand attacked your face.

Will you be rocking spider lashes this fall or will you leave this trend up to the runway Kimmy cakes?

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