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Support the Natural Hair Movement: The Coiffure Project & Art Gallery

Support the Natural Hair Movement: The Coiffure Project & Art Gallery



The Coiffure Project & Art Gallery wants you to help support the beauty of our African American women.

Natural beauty is boundless, and now it is a source of endless artistic inspiration and wonder.

“I realized there were no real quality portraits of women with natural hair. I was looking to do something different and thought I could have something really special with this project.”

Glenford Nunez, founder and photographer of TYP Photography Studio in Baltimore Maryland, brings natural hair to the forefront of fashion and art photography with his creation of ‘The Coiffure Project.’ Starting as simple cell phone portraits of his assistant, who kept her hair natural and unmodified, he has expanded the project to depict something the world has not seen before, beautiful, natural hair on beautiful, natural people.

Nunez has photographed models from various backgrounds with a certain spark and essence that he feels drawn to and he captures their spirits in his dynamic portraits, putting emphasis on, not only their hair, but their light, attitude and unique styles. The real beauty of ‘The Coiffure Project’ is that, according to Nunez, there is no deep intricate message, “I’m just doing me. I want people to look at good photography. The Coiffure Project is a portrait project first. The catch is it’s all about natural hair.”

Glenford Nunez has started a Kickstarter campaign to help him in his efforts.  Check out the details HERE.  If you would like to be a part of The Coiffure Project please email with recent photos.


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