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Talking Pretty: Beauty Secrets With Keshia Knight Pulliam

Talking Pretty: Beauty Secrets With Keshia Knight Pulliam

If you work hard, you can play even harder … and I’m not talking about actual work; I’m talking about taking care of yourself in general! With it being a little over a month into the New Year, your running shoes should be broken in and that gym membership you signed up for should still be in good use.  Sometimes it can be hard to commit and that home made brownie seemingly staring at you doesn’t make it much easier.  But no worries, rolling out got the scoop from Keshia Knight Pulliam on her daily beauty regimen, how she stays fit and the delicious reward you’ll deserve to treat yourself to afterwards.

What is your beauty regimen?

Honestly, I just try to live right, get enough sleep, and drink a lot of water.  I do drink a lot of water; I do live by that.  And just eating good clean food … I do love all of it.  But I do definitely try to eat better organic food.

How do you stay in shape?

Well, I try to eat good; I really do. It’s really about moderation. I don’t understand anorexia; I’m too greedy to ever not eat … I just can’t do it. I think [it’s best] if you just eat in moderation, eat good foods, don’t eat a lot of junk.  I don’t drink a lot of sodas or that kind of thing. I really just drink water and an occasional cocktail; that’s about it. Then try to get some workouts in. A lot of times, you just need to try to incorporate it into your everyday life … you know, take the stairs instead of the elevator, simple things like that.  We don’t always have time to go to the gym.  I know my treadmill has collected a little dust recently, but I’m going to get back on it and I love doing hot yoga.  Be ready! It’s sweaty, but it works! You burn like 600 calories, something crazy … you feel real skinny!

You sweat your hair out too!  How do you maintain your hair while doing hot yoga?

I don’t even try!  When I’m going hard with hot yoga, it will be thrown up into a curly snatch back somehow because I don’t have a perm, so I will slick it back with some gel and keep it moving!

So you’ve been talking about this cocktail, your Skinny Margarita! Tell us the ingredients. How did you come upon this?

Well, it’s funny because everyone has been talking about the Skinny Margaritas. I love margaritas and I love Mexican food [but it’s] packed full of calories, so I ordered [a skinny margarita] at this little Mexican restaurant that I love in L.A. called El Carmen (it’s actually a “tequilaria,” a tequila bar with food). So, I asked [the bartenders] how you [make] it, [and] I’ve made my own rendition based on what they told me.  Basically, it’s tequila (I use Corzo), and then I take some fresh limes and squeeze the juice (probably about two limes or so), then I’ll put a little agave nectar in it and maybe a packet of equal just to get it a little sweeter, and a splash of OJ. Then you shake it and pour it over the rocks and it’s great!

Stay tuned for rolling out’s cover interview with Keshia. –mckenzie harris

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