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Temporary Tattoos for Teeth?

Temporary Tattoos for Teeth?

It seems like you can ink just about any part of your body these days. Japanese girls have started yet another a fad. The newest thing to rock these days are “teeth” tattoos, which are temporary doodads attached to the tooth with special glue, using LED light, which fastens and dries the glue. They are available in designs such as ladybugs and glittering sparkles. The tats eventually fall off after a few days.

These teeth art tattoos have started to creep into the Japan fashion scene with the idea of expressing a more individual fashion statement, usually combined with a certain cute charm. As you can see in the photos, Japanese girls have put a little twist on these eclectic forms of expression, by matching their nails and teeth in both designs and color.

Maybe not the most practical idea, but this modern day “grill” could be worth some laughs from your friends or weird stares from strangers.

Is this a fad you can’t wait to embrace or do you wish it would just fade into oblivion? –mckenzie harris

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