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The Lace Wig Bible: How To Style, Care & Maintain Lace Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Natural Hair

The Lace Wig Bible: How To Style, Care & Maintain Lace Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Natural Hair

“The Lace Wig Bible” includes over 200 full color step-by -step instructional images and 172 color pages designed to help women become knowledgeable, experienced and empowered when wearing and caring for lace wigs. Initially, lace wigs were used for photo shoots, movies, and theatre, because of their undetectability when seamlessly applied properly.

Today, many women have incorporated lace wigs into their daily beauty regimen because they desire the same results they see on the red carpet and on tv. Some women are successful, while most fail because they have not had the instruction and know how, until today. SWIGCH’D, New York City’s Premium Indian Remy Human Hair & Lace Wig Collection, founded by Gantt, published its first companion guide to assist the everyday woman to put her best foot forward when she steps into the world.


“It was so important to me to write this companion guide, because of the negative effects that result from lack of understanding about lace wigs. Everyone knows that when a woman looks good she feels good.I see women making valiant efforts to make their wigs look undetectable; when they do not feel secure about how they look it translates into their self esteem, body language and confidence,” said author of the book and CEO of SWIGCH’D, Morgan R. Gantt. “The Lace Wig Bible is compiled of the best solutions as a results of all the embarrassing mistakes I have made myself. The more information available to women and their stylists about lace wigs will not only improve a woman’s overall appearance but also her self esteem,” says Gantt.







“The Lace Wig Bible” will hit in just a few weeks but proceed to Morgan’s Official Hair site if you’d like to  purchase the digital book and check out her other hair products.

For more information and to learn more about Lace Wigs, follow “The Lace Wig Bible” on Twitter @LaceWigBible , Like (and tag) Lace Wig Bible on Facebook , and check out the book website:


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