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The Secret to Great Cleavage

The Secret to Great Cleavage

Ever wonder how stars always have their “girls” looking plump and perfect, even the tiny-on-top A-listers? Well, here’s the spill on the tricks they use to create the perfect cleavage, as well as some other options to use in case you are pressed for time. –mckenzie harris

Step 1:

Victoria’s Secret fashion show experts suggest putting on your best push-up bra because it sets your boobs in the perfect position.

Step 2:

Choosing the proper dress shape is crucial. You want to tastefully enhance your assets visually, not take away from them.

Step 3:

Get a soft powder brush and two bronzers — one that’s darker than your skin and one that’s lighter and shimmery.

Step 4:

Starting where your bra strap meets the cup, sweep the dark bronzer along the highest points of one natural curve, then down the inner edge of your cleavage. Repeat the same steps on the other side. This contouring technique is perfect for making your pair look rounder and more voluptuous.

Step 5:

Take your lighter, shimmery bronzer and sweep it down the middle of your cleavage. This shade will catch light and create depth in your crease, making cups look fuller. A flattering touch is to sweep it along your collarbone too, which will draw the eye up so your boobs seem to sit higher.

Step 6:

Finally gently wipe your powder brush clean with a paper towel or piece of tissue.  Take your clean powder brush and in a circular motion, blend any noticeable bronzer stripes away.

Keep in mind that with any of these steps, less is more. It’s always easier to add a little more than to take it away. Take your time to avoid smudging any makeup on your clothes.

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