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Tips to Avoid Major Hair Removal Mistakes

Tips to Avoid Major Hair Removal Mistakes

Nicks, cuts and razor bumps are unpleasant for anyone to experience. We’ve compiled some tips that will make shaving and waxing virtually painless and leave you as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Check them out below. –mckenzie harris

Always Exfoliate

Exfoliating is your best defense against ingrown hairs, no matter what method of hair removal you choose. If you are suffering from a painful ingrown hair, gently exfoliate the area with a gentle scrub. To prevent those pesky hairs from developing after shaving, be sure to use a daily body lotion with alpha hydroxy acids. This loosens dead skin to prevent hairs from getting trapped beneath the skin.

Tweeze With a Steady Hand

Just like getting your brows cleaned up professionally, it’s important to relax your face as much as possible when you’re tweezing them yourself. Lifting your brow in an attempt to find the shape actually distorts their natural shape and throws off the symmetry you want.

Avoid Shaving in the Morning

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Shaving at the end of a morning shower may save you time, but it doesn’t always give you the smoothest shave. Your legs naturally swell slightly at night, which can hide a portion of the hairs. Shave in the evening and you will get a closer finish.

Keep Your Razor Sharp

To get a really clean shave, you need a new blade. Using the same blade for weeks or months can add to day-after razor bumps. Some experts suggest buying razors in bulk and disposing them after each use, others say you can use them up to four times.

Use Shaving Cream

Opting out of using shaving cream before shaving can cause irritation from the razor blade. Applying it against the grain of hair to make hairs stand up straight will get you the closest shave.

Spread Out Your Waxing Appointments

Fight the urge to reach for a razor or wax at the first hint of stubble. For hairs to be completely removed, wait four weeks between waxing sessions so the wax has enough hair to grab. The bikini area and leg hair should be a 1/4-inch long if it’s fine; coarse hair needs to be a 1/2-inch long.

Wax at the Right Time

Hormonal shifts, extra blood flow and discomfort are all things to consider prior to your wax appointment. It’s best to wax mid-cycle, right around the time you’re ovulating to minimize the pain.

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