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Top 3 Summer Hairstyles for Black Women from The Beauty Shop

Top 3 Summer Hairstyles for Black Women from The Beauty Shop


Name: Ana Thomas

Occupation: Hairstylist (freelance and in salon), Salon Owner

Salon: The Beauty Shop

Years in the business: Seven

Tell us about your grand opening.

The grand opening event is scheduled for June 30. Our goal is to introduce our services and staff to the Dallas area, and connect with like-minded businesswomen in the metroplex. We are expecting a very diverse turnout — from elite socialites to the everyday woman seeking a different salon atmosphere.

What sets your salon apart from others?

The Beauty Shop prides itself on providing professional services in a posh environment. With a very well-educated staff, we provide both amazing services and an amazing experience.

What are your top three favorite hair trends for African American women this summer?

  1. The ombre has taken the summer by storm. … The very high messy bun has made a big statement [in] recent red carpet appearances.
  2. Very creative braid patterns are one of my favorite trends currently, and we are getting plenty of requests for braided buns, tails, etc.
  3. Being a Texas girl, I must admit that big hair has gained a place in my heart this summer as well. [With] the return of the ‘fro, the big ’60s ‘fro would also have to be at the top of my list.

What advice can you give women on applying eyelashes and lace front wigs?

I would advise women wearing lace frontal units as a daily styling option to be very careful with adhesives. Adhering such heavy units to your hairline could cause permanent damage, or irreversible trauma. Consider not adhering the units for easier removal of the unit daily.

Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, are not as harmful. They provide an amazing seemingly natural lift to the eye. Removal is very important when rocking eyelash extensions. Avoid pulling off the faux lashes.

What upcoming projects are you working on that our readers should know about?

We are very happy to announce the release of our luxury line of extension,s “WellCoiffed” at our upcoming grand opening event. We will carry four initial textures, and release additional collections in the varying seasons. Our hair boasts a lifespan of more than a year when treated properly and well conditioned; it can also be darkened or lifted as desired to keep up with current color trends.

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