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Top 5 Youtube Channels for Natural Hair

Top 5 Youtube Channels for Natural Hair

Transitioning hair can be a task and a half! Heck, getting your hair to even grow is a difficult process. It’s better to see that you’re not the only one going through the struggle and to even get some help! These top 5 natural hair Youtube experts will prevent you from pulling your hair out trying to make it grow.

1. TheCurlBOX

The Founder and CEO of The Curl Box, Myleik Teele gives reviews and advice on the latest trends and products for the natural hair wearers.


Twitter: @curlbox

2. KimmayTube

Founder of Luv Naturals, shows black women that they can indeed grow their hair. On her Youtube channel you can see her journey to luscious, cascading hair and start yours with her tips, tutorials and products.


Twitter: @luvnaturals 


3. KinkyKurlyQueen

Shana, owner of Naturally Obsessed, had the “Big Chop” in 2007 and takes us on a ride through her journey to growing and maintaining healthy hair in every stage.


Twitter: @KinkyKurlyQueen


4. LongHairDontCare2011

This Youtube channel features videos mainly focusing on maintaining long hair and healthy hairstyles, she even dabbles into some fashion and make-up vlogs as well.

5. NaturallyCurlydotcom

This channel is essential for women of all backgrounds that aren’t quite sure how to care for their naturally curly manes. NaturallyCurlydotcom provides tutorials, advice, products reviews and more.


Twitter: @naturallycurly

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