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Vanity Hair Studio NYC gives hair tips

Vanity Hair Studio NYC gives hair tips

We stopped by Vanity Hair Studio NYC in Brooklyn  to get some tips for hair care in New York City.  We spoke with Natasha Watterson, Ms. Watterson is the owner and operator of Vanity, the only private salon in New York City.   Here are a few of  the tips she gave:

What is the easiest hairstyle to maintain?

A hairstyle you are most familiar with. Even the most complicated hairstyles can be managed effortlessly if you a have a routine.

What products line do you use in your Hair Studio?

Initially I used Design Essentials and OnxNatural.  After conducting some research I decided to invest in the Aveda line. The products are light and healthy for the hair.

Which Aveda Product do you suggest for hair that has been damaged?

Aveda has a “Damage Remedy” line that is really effective. I would recommend the Restructuring Shampoo,Conditioner and Treatment.

Which part of the Hair gets neglected the most?

The ends. Women are sometimes dismissive about their hair ends being split or damaged because their hair continues to grow. On average your hair grows a half an inch per month. If you cut that much hair every month for three months, you will notice the difference in hair quality. And of course more importantly, the ends should be clipped with sharp hair scissors. Dull shears can split the hair end to root.

What do you suggest for Spring and Summer in NYC?

For natural hair, I’ve always been a fan of the double strand twists. This style is not compromised in humid environments and extreme heat.  For relaxed hair I would suggest a permanent wave rod set. This gives the hair a full and bouncy curl perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Vanity Hair Studio is located on 325 Nostrand Ave  Brooklyn, NY 11216 (718) 218-5691

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