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Victoria’s Secret Reveals The Scent That Turns Men On Every Time

Victoria’s Secret Reveals The Scent That Turns Men On Every Time

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Specialist at Lenox Square, Dewayne

Talking Pretty visited Victoria’s Secret in Lenox Mall to talk to Fragrance Specialist, Dwayne, about how to pick the right fragrance for your body chemistry, what scents are most appealing to men, and the importance of oil based perfumes.

What’s your secret to finding the perfect fragrance for women?

When a customer comes in and she’s shopping for herself or for anyone else, I ask them “what type of person are they?” If they’re sweet and flirty, I have a scent for that, if you’re sassy and a diva I have a scent for that. So I tend to work off what they give me. Once I find out what type of woman they are, I walk them around and show them all of the scents that we have. Some have candlewood, a musky scent, or more of a sweet smell. Once we find that, I find something in their price point. So I say, “whatever you want, just pick it, I have it in the price point for you.” I even show the ladies little tips for the guys! (Laughs) Because our bottles are sexy, they’re very retro and old fashioned. I’ll say, “Imagine sitting on the edge of the bed and putting this on in front of your boyfriend or your date, that will turn him on.

What are the most popular Victoria’s Secret fragrances?

The most popular fragrances are “Victoria’s Secret Angel,” both “Bombshell” fragrances because they are very fruity, citrusy, and sophisticated, and another favorite is the “Sexy Little Things Noir Tease.”

A lot of our fragrances here at Victoria’s Secret are mainly oils, compared to other places that are made of more alcohol. We do that because a lot of our fragrances have a matching bra (i.e: the Bombshell fragrances go with the Bombshell bra). With these being mostly oils, they won’t damage your bra. So we tend to make them more oils than alcohol because over time alcohol will wear your bra out and the oil won’t.

What’s the difference between the body mists and sprays compared to the perfumes?

Body mist is mainly water and alcohol. It has the same smell and may be a little more faint just because of the water content but it lasts for about five hours. The perfume lasts for about nine to ten hours.

What scents are most appealing to men?

I have noticed that men go more toward the fruity smells. The fruitier you smell the better. Men always gravitate towards “Love Spell” and “Pure Seduction” because they’re really sweet like candy. Men really go for that, and that turns heads quicker than a musky smell.

Every girl has a different body chemistry which makes fragrances smell different on each person. What ingredient in the VS fragrance that does that?

The oil content! The way that the oil blends with the pheromones that you emit from your body. For example, we have “The Sexy Little Things,” where it’s mainly apples and oils and due to that combination it works really well with the body chemistry of a man. So I tell men to ignore the bottle and pay attention to the scent. Once you put it on, it will blend in really well.

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