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What He Said: 10 Beauty Mistakes Women Should Never Make

What He Said: 10 Beauty Mistakes Women Should Never Make


We understand that many people strive to fulfill that need to articulate their individuality. For the most part people are able to do this within reasonable parameters. However, there are absolute beauty mistakes that can have you looking tired, ghetto and a woman who is extremely thirsty for attention. Please read and heed these fashion precautions. – Terry Shropshire


Super long nails

The first thing that pops into the heads of men and women who see a woman with extraordinarily long fingernails is not how lovely they look, but hygiene. Enough said.

The Ash Effect

If you’re legs and arms look like grilled chicken parts, then you need to apply some cocoa butter quickly.


Colored contacts

On very rare occasions, colored contacts compliments a person’s appearance. Most of the time, people look at you like an exotic zoo animal because the eye color is so incongruent with your physical appearance.

The Lace Front

Bad lace front wigs and weaves never accomplish the objective you had in mind and makes you appear ghetto and unsophisticated. It also screams desperation.

Drawn Eyebrows

Most of the time, you cannot draw in your eyebrows better than God did, if ever, so don’t shave them off and try to draw in your own design. It makes you look foolish 9 times out of 10.

Outlined lips are tired and make you look out of step.

Mismatched pony tails

Just keep it simple, like pictured. Mismatched ponytails are one of those creations that should be allowed to dissolve into extinction.

Body Art

Unless you are going to a special party or use the pole as part of your occupational responsibilities, body glitter should not find its way into your beauty bag.


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