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All the single ladies: 5 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

All the single ladies: 5 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

Single this Valentine’s Day? Don’t let a good night go to waste. Grab your girlfriend’s for a night in and check out one of our favorite movies to watch on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re single and happy or looking to pine in your sorrows, the following movies will remind you why we all fall in love.

Check them out below! Do you have a go to V-day movie?

Love Jones: is a 1997 American romantic drama that will have you falling in love all over again.

Love and Basketball: Is a tale of two childhood friends that fall in and out of love, only to find out what they needed was always right in front of them.

The Notebook: If you didn’t fall in love with Ryan Gosling in this film, your heart may be made of stone. Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ roller-coaster romance is a realistic take on true love really lasting forever.

Brown Sugar: Is an epic story of two childhood friends whose love for hip-hop brings them closer together.

Ghost: This film proves that true love can last forever; even after death.

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