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Coupe Scott hosts empowerment conference for women

Coupe Scott hosts empowerment conference for women

Branding and digital expert Coupe Scott is hosting the first annual STRONG Conference 2013: What is Your Next Big Idea?, which takes place March 29-30, 2013, in Atlanta.

“This is the first annual STRONG (an acronym for Simple Transitions Render Opportunity Necessary for Growth) Conference; it was created to fill the void experienced by women in traditional conferences or events. A platform designed to inspire, motivate, equip and empower women to walk in what not only belongs to them, but what they understand to be that ‘it’ they can’t seem to shake no matter how hard they try. STRONG is young enough to be hip and fresh, but old enough to provided wisdom and insight into issues that matter to women. ‘Letters To My Young Self’ is a component of the conference where women are asked to write a letter to their young self stating what they know now that they wish they would have known then, in hopes of giving insight to younger generations that are coming into their journey,” she offers.

Scott’s  vision, purpose and passion is to inspire a world of women to accept their flaws, embrace their insecurities and execute the real plan for their future in a fresh and inspired setting.

“The 2013 STRONG Conference also has a young entrepreneurs component where we have 8 slots for young female entrepreneurs between the ages of 7 and 17 to show them that there are women changing the world in an effort to open doors for them and to let them know they do not have to wait to act upon their dreams,” closes Scott.

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