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Melly Mel Inspires and Dances around the World

Melly Mel Inspires and Dances around the World


Mélissa “Melly Mel” Flérangile may not have an Instagram full of celebrity pictures or a closet full of Louboutins, but the impact that her beautiful spirit is making on the world is phenomenal.

The Ottawa, ON, Canada native has performed everywhere from the high-profile events like the GRAMMYs, to Cirque De Soleil; Hollywood movies like “Sex In The City 2”and “Honey”, and in between, Melly Mel has taken her dancing legs to the ends of the Earth.

My aim is to work with youth in communities all over the world and use my passion for dance to motivate and empower them to be at the forefront of any path that transcend the ordinary.


To help push Melly Mel’s vision to the spotlight, Mel is in the process of developing videos under “Melly Mel Inspires,” showing her outreach work, and fun times in the countries in which she has traveled.  While journeying the world through her eyes,, take a look at some of the phenomenal backdrops found in her photo gallery, and videos from Aruba, Jamaica, South Africa, and more!


Imagine traveling the world, using your talents to help the world community and to fulfill the desires inside of your own heart.  Melly Mel’s story just from this point is inspiring enough!  To see her expand on her mission and show the world her beauty is more powerful than anyone could fathom.  All of the things in the world cannot amount to true happiness and freedom of expression.


Enjoy some pictures of Melly Mel in some of the coolest countries around the world.



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