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First look: Zendaya’s ‘Neverland’ will have fans pressing replay

First look: Zendaya’s ‘Neverland’ will have fans pressing replay

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Zendaya’s got new music on the way!

The actress-singer, 19, recently released a clip from her upcoming music video for “Neverland,” a track from last year’s Broadway hit Finding Neverland.

“I thought it was really cool because [songwriter] Gary Barlow allowed every single artist to do what they wanted with it and make it their own, so I had a lot of freedom to add harmonies and add my own personality to it,” Zendaya told People, of creating the song for Finding Neverland the Album, which featured contributions from Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend and more. “As an artist, that’s a great place to be.”

Adding, “We wanted to make it a little edgier and switch it up – I feel like it has the vibe of the play but a different kind of feel to it. It’s really, really cool.” And we love it!

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