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Power Plug PR teaches 5 tips for public relations success

Power Plug PR teaches 5 tips for public relations success


Nicole Garner of the Garner Circle and her team brought in some amazing speakers this past weekend at the Power Plug PR Conference at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta. and our lucky winner (Yay Europe!) had a chance to listen in as aspiring publicists and PRs drew in information and shelled out plenty of laughs at the intimate, yet powerful conference.

Attendees had a chance to meet and greet with the major players in the media, PR, and social media fields, while getting their insight on what moves to make once class is over.

One major thing that we learned at Power Plug PR is that getting into the industry, especially building your own company in such a wide space, is never going to be easy. You will have to spend a lot of money, time, and effort to position yourself as a respected player in the game. Public Relations is not for the weak minded or the faint of heart. You will have to deal with people you don’t like, and you might have to compromise your creative vision for the bigger picture. You have to be sharp, quick, and ready for change. Everything won’t be perfect, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Take a look at just a taste of what the conference had to offer with quotes from Tahira Wright of Branded PR, Zing Shaw and Davida Selby of Edelman Communications, and of course, Nicole Garner.

To see who else was on the panels, and what other topics were covered at the Power Plug PR conference, visit their official website

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